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This skills course is aimed at those looking to learn how to follow (or second) a lead climber up a climbing route. Seconding is an essential skill in the progression to becoming a lead climber. The course will introduce several new skills to the participant and coach on current skills they may have. You will get to climb several climbing routes throughout the day with plenty of opportunities to practice and develop new skills.

Course Content

  • Belay and tying in/ knot check.
  • Usage of harnesses and helmets.
  • Introduction to lead belaying.
  • Introduction to traditional gear (wires, friends, hexes, slings & extenders/quickdraws).
  • Removal of traditional gear from the climb.
  • Quickdraw usage.
  • Rope management.
  • Climbing movement skills.
  • Introduction to guidebook and route interpretation.
  • Crag egress.
  • Outdoor climbing safety.


  • Pervious experience required. Participants should be able to; fit their own harness, top-rope belay (indoor or outdoor) and be able to climb graded routes of "v.diff" or above. 

Course Ratio

  • 1 instructor to 2 participants.
  • Minimum 2 participants.



  • Professional and qualified Rock Climbing Instructor.
  • First aid trained and certified leader to REC 3/ Wilderness First Aid 3 standard.
  • Fully insured activity and staff.
  • Rock climbing harness & helmet.
  • Rock climbing shoes.
  • All other climbing equipment included.


  • Personal equipment as listed in the "required equipment" list.
  • Food and refreshments.
  • Transport.
  • Car parking fees.
  • Accommodation.
  • Personal accident insurance.


  • Clothing suitable for climbing/sport - Avoid cotton/ jeans etc.
  • Water & Nutrition/Food/Snacks.
  • Trail Shoe or light boot.
  • Raingear - Waterproof jacket and leggings.
  • Extra layers such as a fleece jumper.
  • Hat & gloves.
  • SPF - even if it’s not sunny.
  • Bug spray - There can be midge and ticks from spring to autumn.
  • Any medications you may need.
  • Small rucksack to hold the above items.
  • Spare clothing such as socks/tops/bottoms/shoes for after the climbing - you don’t need to carry these, leave them in the car for your return.


We use a number of outdoor locations, get in touch to discuss what location may work best for you. This can be weather depending, climbing grade or distance to travel. Dalkey Quarry in South Dublin is the most popular location we use.


If you would like to learn more or have any questions, we would be delighted to help you.